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About Us


Melissa Naili RN, BSc, RYT

Co Founder, Registered Yoga Teacher & MCMA Practitioner

As a Registered Nurse of nearly 20 years,  I wanted to learn about Complimentary Therapies and discovered Yoga. I went to a yoga class one evening and discovered 'self-compassion' This was very enlightening as I am a compassionate person but in my journey of life failed to see this in myself. I then decided to train professionally and undertook a 200hr Certified Yoga Teachers Training Course in 2021. I have realigned my life,  stand by my values and felt a growth within as well as physically. Practising yoga daily is creating 'bloom from within'. I felt inspired about not only physical health but wanted to learn about whole body and mind health. If we can establish a balance in mind, emotionally, socially and spiritually, we have to work on aspects such as the food we eat, positivity, finding your life purpose. This led me to take Diploma Courses in  Life Coaching and Ayurveda. . I am passionate about this journey in helping others live by their values, find their life purpose and lead a more fulfilled life.


I am a full member of The Yoga Alliance and The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) 

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