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Supporting you to live life from exploration and enrichment of life purpose


Working in partnership with you, our coaching sessions will support you to develop a clear map for health related change. This could be through identifying and looking at ways that you would like to improve your lifestyle (i.e Nutritional changes) or it could be looking at obstacles that may be holding you back from living a fulfilled and purposeful life. Developing a wellness vision and bringing it to life is at the heart of all we do. Supporting you physically, mentally socially and emotionally is our holistic approach. 

Ikigai - our basis for well-being

Beach Yoga

Finding purpose is one of the most fundamental human needs. Ikigai means to 'live' in Japanese philosophy. Having Ikigai means that each day you find meaning and purpose. We are all about supporting you find your Ikigai. Ask yourself the question and use it as a springboard to really narrow down your passion, mission, vocation in this once life we have. Living a life. It is not considered a coping mechanism in our ever busy daily lives, it is more than hope. If you enjoy something but never give yourself the time to invest in it as everything else is piling up around you, its about finding strategies and ways to build your meaning back into your life, finding yourself again, nourishing yourself, finding joy and happiness.

In David Buttner's book, "Blue Zones," he identifies several areas of the world with peculiarly high numbers of centenarians. This includes Nuoro in Sardinia, Loma Loma in California, and Okinawa, Japan. They all hold a life purpose, be it running, yoga, walking, volunteering, cooking, hiking and engaging in activities that satisfies their souls and minds. Finding joy in every day life. This is what we are all about, supporting you to find your Ikigai. 

Yoga Pose

Our Services

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Nutritional Coaching

We all know what food we eat affects our brain health, mental health and how our bodies function. Creating optimum good food intake is what we do to support you feel at your best. Using Ayurveda we help support you to eat well. 

Well-being Coaching

Difficulty concentrating, feeling overwhelmed with daily life, feeling little joy in your day, wanting to discover more about life purpose or just generally feeling stuck?  Our Wellness Coaching supports you establish stability in your mind, whatever you are going through. Our coaching sessions will enable you to find the motivation to take positive action and build momentum to change and find fulfilment mentally and spiritually.

Person holding a yoga pose

Physical movement

Yoga has been well researched and proven to create a sense of wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality. We believe Yoga and movement of the body helps us on our journey to life purpose, it poses questions during each asana (pose) and provides a valuable and intimate space to rediscover you at your core. Join us one to one, no village hall classes, you do not need flexibility, you just need an open mind and some self love and care. 

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