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Our classes are designed with you in mind, tailored and adapted to fit in with a busy lifestyle. From a Beginners class to more experienced, we have something for everyone. Our classes are refreshing, wholesome and will create space for you to be you, Calme from within. Check out some of our plans and classes below.

  • Initial Consultation is a 30 minute FREE phone call to discuss needs and requirements.

  • The 6 week Life Coaching plan will be delivered 1:1  online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it will include one hour per week plus a month follow up at 8 weeks for support. We will provide all the written materials. The 6 week program will include a combination of discussion, exploration of needs, together with goal setting, mindfulness, meditation,  Yoga Nidra (Relaxation) and movement (capability yoga x 2 sessions).  This is a nourishing program designed to really support you find purpose, joy and happiness in moments.  

  • The 12 week Wellness Coaching plan is more comprehensive and utliized using Logotherapy (created by Victor Frankl) and is delivered 1:1 via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it will include 12 week one hour sessions and a follow up on the 16th week. This coaching plan includes 4 yoga classes and 8 coaching sessions, we will explore wellness, joy, life purpose and happiness on a much deeper level,

  • Our stand-alone yoga classes are 75 minutes one to one Hatha flow (beginner or intermediate, you do not have to be flexible to participate). This soulful class will leave you feeling refreshed and clear minded. 

  • Our Meditation soothing sessions are developed to enable you to inspire you in your day or calm you after a busy day. We also offer Yoga Nidra which is delivered via a live 1:1 session. Yoga Nidra is a peaceful deep relaxation technique, this is beneficial for those who suffer from Insomnia, who struggle to switch off, suffer anxiety and anybody having difficulty in letting go or switching off.

  • Our 6 week Ayurvedic Nutrition Support plan comes with an hour per week to explore healthy alternatives, goals and balancing different types of energy within your body to improve health. Working in partnership to provide personal recommendations and foods to avoid based on you as an individual.


Further services will be announced soon.

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