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Life Fulfilment

Are you living a healthy and happy life?

What kind of life did you envisage when you were a child? We thought of our dream job, our dream family, etc. You may have created a life that you dreamed of, but are you happy? do you feel fulfilled, have joy? feel contented? or do you feel an essence of you is missing.

These are some of the questions coming out in conversation, especially since Covid Times. Here at The Calme Well-being Clinic we support you to seek out your life purpose by creating a space to work these issues out, working on physical balance, mental wellbeing, social and spiritual health, Enabling you to feel more fulfilled in this one life opportunity that we have.  We are about supporting you to 'live' life, the way you envisaged and not be caught up in mundane cycle of every day life with a hurried step and full mind, which contributes to losing precious moments and joy. Here at Calme we support you to find your 'Ikigai' (Your reason for living and being). 

Areas in particular of focus are Nutrition, Hydration, Yoga and movement, emotional and spiritual well being as well as community projects are all at the core of what we do.


Our Vision

What is well-being and how can you achieve an optimum physical and mental state of fulfilment and joy to your everyday life? Do you have a life purpose? Do you need to exercise more? Do you need to eat healthier? Do you struggle with day to day with life stresses?  Do you feel that you are dealing with pressures and never finding a moment for yourself? Do you need healing from a significant life event? 

Here at Calme we support you to feel at your very best holistically.


Inspired by Researchers to seek the truth for optimum human health not just physically, but mentally, socially and spiritually. These elements are the core to happiness and we together can teach each other and create a change for good, for our families and communities. Examples include eating healthier, regeneration of foods, eliminating loneliness, volunteering etc. 

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